Quickwords Vol. 3 – Island

Welcome to Volume 3 of Quickwords, my poetry series.

In a bright blue sea is a single small island with a thick patch of green palm trees. Stringy clouds wisp in a blue sky.
Island — photo from https://fshoq.com/

| Trash and treasure |

I began with a grain of sand floating in a polluted sea
Bobbing in the waves were trash and treasure
their meaning subjective, as goes the adage
For some time it was the goal of other seafarers to lend me granules of their
timely acquired sediment
But with many moons, their generosity slowly lessened
and I arrived at where I am now, grateful
with an island so small

It has grown enough for me to finally stand
and for long I falsely believed I was yet in possession
of a grand continent whose denizens would continue to flourish
for many years abound

But at the present day I have an island so small
I could walk across its breadth in the time taken to respond to the question
What are your hobbies?
I am now realizing that I am still adding sand
I am still collecting trinkets from the sea

The only distinction between the treasure and the trash is what remains
in the end
Occasionally, as the sun sets and makes gold the beach below my feet
I gaze upon my bounty
A limited collection; a novice’s fortune
I still must have the heart to toss some trinkets back into the sea
For though I want my wealth to grow, many things simply do not fit
And to grow with unwanted, dishonest treasure is to not grow at all

So I wave goodbye to the trinkets, once treasure, now trash
as they drift away in golden waters
The waves bring further sediments upon my shore
The sun sets. I sleep beside my treasures
Happy in my patience,
grateful for the true, pure joy they have brought me
Trinkets of my triumph have become my trash
Trinkets of my truth have become my treasure

| The Heart’s Archipelago |

We live on islands drifting in a perpetual sea
Each of us has our own
we fill it with sand and treasure and life and wonder
and on we float, passing others with the tides

The beauty of life and love is who you choose to form an archipelago with
Who you choose to join you in the neverending sea
The depths may grow less deep in between you
Bountiful reefs of coral may flourish among your shared bays
The seeds of your flora may spread to one another’s sands
You may show them your treasures; they may show you theirs
Perhaps you will find treasure in each other’s trash
Storms may be easier to brave
Sunshine may be warmer and brighter
And this ecosystem may make your islands more beautiful than ever possible

There is only one thing better
and that is finding another island so wonderful and splendid
that you drift closer to each other than you’ve drifted
with any other island before
Soon you will share your sand, your flora, your fauna, your treasure
all the wonder, but somehow more
A beach will grow in between your islands
And the beach will grow
until one day, there will be no bay at all between
You will have a single island
but you will not be alone

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