Quickwords Vol. 7 – Double Edge

Welcome to Volume 7 of Quickwords, my poetry series. It’s surprisingly hard to find free images of double-edged swords online, so after dedicating more time to searching than I actually did writing these poems, I just decided to draw it.

A pencil drawing of a double-bladed sword. Curved lines swirl around each blade.

| The Pacifist |

I want to win this war.
I’ve fought for many months, had victories and defeats
All to eventually realize that
the only step I need take
is to not fight at all.

My sword has two edges
My mind has too much energy
When I swing at spectres that are not there,
guided by words and thoughts taken secretly to heart
My own blade cuts against me
So I swing with more fury in what I believe is defense

The only step I need take
is to not fight at all.
Most horrified I am at the notion

To tell the anxious, reckless soldier that the gunshots
he hears from the other side of the battlefield
are merely the echoes of his own rifle
To tell the panicked, thrashing child that the ferocity of the gaping sea
the relentless storm of the tides
is caused by nothing more than his own flailing
To tell the frightened miner that the crumbling of the cavern
the shaking of the earth, the splinter of the rock
is a result of the very digging he has done to escape

The only step I need take
is to not fight at all.
To drop my blade and accept that I am the creator of my own pain
To kneel upon the ground and accept that I can finally heal
I must forget muscle memory and unclench my fist.

| Tipping Point |

We flipped a coin and it landed on its edge
It stood upright on a thin sliver of hope
The novelty of improbability muffled the absence of decree
and we forgot the decision that ever needed an answer

Kick a coin and watch it roll
Momentum will guide it on a single edge
Roll, we will
A decaying cycle to an unnecessarily binary decision

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