Quickwords Vol. 9 – The Boot, The Glasses, & The Heart

Welcome to Volume 9 of Quickwords, my poetry series. Here are some poems from the perspectives of three random things.

Three images: a brown leather boot, a pair of glasses laying on an open book, and a rope tied into a heart-shaped knot.

| The Boot |

Light shines in from the window by the door
Dust settles around the scratches on the floor
Above you still walk, afraid of it no more
Here I shall rest, feeling nothing but sore

My brother’s face furrows, hair a tousled mess
Respite is a gift that feels like it is less
I catch my breath and waver free of stress
‘Til the warmth makes me miss the times of duress

I’ll be here for burning, I’ll be here for cold
I’ll be here beneath you for all the tales told
Wear me out ’til I am crooked and old
And know my life began when to you I was sold

| The Glasses |

I see what you see
I see it all clear
I see the whole world as I cling to your ears

I am the gate that prohibits none
I wrap them in packages to send to your eyes
In such words a universe to surmise

You set me down in the darkness
I stare at the room, the door, the walls
I stare at these things, I stare at them all

It is an honor to serve
In reverence and appreciation, I start to think
I wonder the wonder of if I could blink

| The Heart |

The drumming echoes in the deep
An applause to your virtue

I heed not even for sleep
The sake of this is you

The world is an atmosphere I do not feel
A distant life I try to know

But the warmth of your soul tells me it is real
Forever I shall help you grow

I hear the whispers of every beautiful spark
And I smile knowing the life you live

Just know that though I am in the dark
Eternal I shall continue to give

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