Quickwords Vol. 10 – The Druid

Welcome to Volume 10 of Quickwords, my poetry series. It’s just one poem today.

A beautiful forest. Beams of light pour in from above. Thick, short grass rests among leaves, stones, and fallen branches.

| The Druid |

They began service under covenant
A pledge official and not, signatories considered blessed, of mutual benefit
Spirits of a natural wonder did they bring
Spirits of a natural wonder were brought to them

Lo, the birds chirped, their warbles frail
Songs that struggled to still be sung
Lo, the earth breathed life with lungs scarred in the deep
Roots could rare dare venture past the topsoil
Lest they find the poison buried long beneath

The Druid had gazed upon the tender Forest and vowed
To see it become even more beautiful
To let the roots sink deep and see meadow burgeon with more life
She had gazed back at him, long admiring his spirit
And wished to share growth with him
They had shared smiles and this wish

The sun shone happily as roots found home
The soil breathed better as rain coursed through
The plants danced as the wind came and passed

Oh, to be blown away.

Might the Druid pause in hindsight and wish to have been whole sooner
To have been healed, of that which the Forest healed,
long before covenant
To have known of the poison that flowed through his veins
So that he might have cleansed himself of his own impurity
Before he befouled the Forest he had only ever wanted to heal

Might the Druid pause in hindsight and hope the good outlasts the bad
But shall he know the potency of poison to a Forest that believed herself safe at last
Shall he curse himself in the hatred of a cracked mirror
And shall he not kneel to the toxin now gone
Nor succumb to the necrotic hands that now grip his heart and mind,
borne of his fear of truth but incubated by his fear of delusion

Shall he not kneel,
Shall still beat his heart that pumped poison, but also elixir
And shall the Forest flourish within her own grace

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