Quickwords Vol. 13 – The Train

All abooooaaaaard! The thirteenth volume of my poetry series, Quickwords, is leaving the station now!

In a dim, grey evening, a modern train winds around a mountainside towards the empty platforms between several railroads.
Photo by Achilles Kastanas

| Of Thought |

Pay no mind to the beggars along the tracks
Refuse to let them find purchase in your head
Spare your change for only your fare
Board alone the train of thought
And feel not the guilt of a wallet without cobweb
For, vampiric, it wears a derelict’s clothes and, with a pleading false face, asks only for your welcome
A price to be paid in more ways than one

| To Downtown |

Some time has passed like a herald beneath a vow of silence
Since the last day I came here
Brisk air and cast light taste of bittersweet memory
Upon a tongue with an acquired tolerance of rancor
The streets are more empty than my heart remembers them to be
A sleight of reality like the blow after the feint
But I know what is missing is not of corporeality
Movement is unbecoming yet possesses me so
I am passenger aboard the train to downtown
A place I am in even when I am not

| That Waits |

Frost tipped iron claimed in hills of snow
Flakes falling in whispers from a black sky
Caught in a lantern’s glow, flaxen for a moment
But blue in landing, reminders of a lost warmth

A jagged threshold where once stood a ceiling
Now a gate for the absent moonlight
That sleeps beneath cloudy sheets
Resting willing, drifting even in slumber

Here in a broken home, occupied in a stillness unwanted
With frigid coal like the dust on seats long unimpressed
And rusted metal aged in lethargy
Inability fraught, doubtful of return

Here lies the train that waits
For a past stolen ages ago
For a future as illusory as every worry
For a motion impossible to have loved enough

| To Adley Manor |

Brighter lights cast longer shadows
On the train to Adley Manor
A venue known in no other manner
Bon voyage to one walked up the gallows

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