Quickwords Vol. 15 – Tunnels

Welcome! Right through these tunnels is the fifteenth volume of Quickwords, my very own poetry series. Be mindful of the cobwebs.

Light shines through a window into a beige-walled, grey-carpeted hallway where there is an apartment’s front door.

| Tree Hollow |

I’ve forgotten the way the light shines through the window
In the hallway leading to my apartment
I’ve forgotten the fatigue of a weekday journey near its end
At the doorstep of my home
I’ve forgotten footsteps and sunsets and how to wear pants
I’ve lost my voice and my rhythm, I don’t sing and don’t dance

I’m not a mole running through tunnels
Trying to get from place to place
I’m a squirrel in a tree hollow
Stranger to smiles on his face

Wake me from hibernation but keep me to my tree
I’ll keep it living and strong and give myself reason to be
But when the world, wind, and woe push me to the floor
I’ll find reason to be tired at my front door

| Drilling Wind |

If with every step you bore tunnels in the air
And drilled the wind like rock
I wonder where walls would remain
I think to myself as I see dust in my home

| Fuel |

Eventually everyone gets a turn to turn
Left, right, around
But they’ll always be in parallel to a vein of black blood
A harvest culls its farmers who reap what not one sowed
Theft around every corner, even up above
Shaken lights and shaking heads in protest to invasion
But elsewhere blood burns and metal hearts find power

| Rock Bottom |

I get that
the only place to go from here is up
But I wore out all my tools getting down here
and it’s hard to hold on to the walls without fingernails
I keep biting them off

| Woe of a Well-Built Door |

They build their doors well
A seal against the wind and cold
Nothing without a hand could ever cross
Sturdy, respectable, but a knob to be mindlessly turned
One day, some day
Yet for now still something as impervious as a wall
Not even light gets through
But I wish it did
So I could see something at the end of the tunnel

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