Quickwords Vol. 16 – The Pigeon

Welcome to Volume 16 of Quickwords, my poetry series! The other day I went outside and saw a flock of pigeons for the first time in, honestly, quite a while. Here are some poems on that.

A photo taken from below to view a single pigeon perched atop a streetlight against a bright blue sky.

| Of a flock |

We fly together
Weave the wind with every wingbeat
Like clouds basking in sunbeams
I’m instrument to symphony

Feel not a single
Note worth taking in leagues of feathers
Skills shared to make each one better
Each face another day’s weather

A climate uniform to an eye untrained
Like yours.

To be of a flock
Unnoticed unless a lamppost
Only gives interest to one
Where endless canopies do the same

| Honing in on Home |

Jigsaw horizon, black silhouette upon ochre skies
Channels of golden air
An everlasting flare
Cold wind furrows around projectile yearning
An image, burning, memories in flashes
A fragment of world captured in something beyond
Parallels converge
Wings soar
Honing in on home
Carrying messages brought from roam

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