Quickwords Vol. 19 – Beneath the shore

Beckon the tide to rise to your feet! In today’s Quickwords, we tell the tale of what happened under the sands on which you now stand . . .

From inside a jagged grey cavern, a stream of crashing water flows to the cave entrance, beyond which is a vast blue sea.
Photo by Anouar Olh

| The Beach that Burned |

The beach was never meant to burn
It was never meant to burn

The fiercest flame could never hope to live a life of might
Forever should the fractal sky be all that gave its light
Even the wrath of Zeus might only turn the sand to glass
And husks of ancient treants lay in graves the moon can’t pass
The furious sun might singe the ground
But nary a flame should spark
Unless shields and blades lay buried
Among bones armored in dark
The arrows make like sticks and twigs
Dead rage ignites among decay
In the smoke clash the revenants
Of a single crimson day

The beach was never meant to burn
It was never meant to burn

| Beneath the shore |

The sands hid a shrine never chiseled by mortal
Tales told of cresting waves and erratic tides rare revealed a portal
A chasm beneath, a chamber beneath
Where the deepest of secrets wait
Where flame was but one light required to the darkest spirits allay
Leagues came anon and the cracks grew like vines
Above clanged blades,
screamed soldiers to a battle from which they’d be forgotten by time
But beneath the shore, mission sole, ranks unwhole, a guild onward proceeded
Later should the waves drag remnants of the better side of war, defeated

| Obsidian Crown |

We lay at his feet
We atrophy
A crown of rough obsidian cuts the skin of his temple
Rivulets of red run ‘long his turned cheek
Mimic the tears of stalactites
The fangs of this maw
The stakes of his flaw
Words too cold to make mist pushed the heir aside
Pierced that which had glowed in the chamber’s dark
Left nothing save the myriad cries
What we called a knight has lied
What we fall to night beside

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