Quickwords Vol. 21 – Brocken Spectre

Recently I learned about the phenomenon known as a Brocken spectre, which is essentially where an observer’s shadow is cast onto fog or clouds opposite of the sun and surrounded by the circular rings of light from a glory. Glories occur when the water droplets in the air match specific conditions for refracting sunlight, so this breathtaking occurrence isn’t all that common.

This is way too cool not to write a few poems about, so here we are.

A silhouette outlined by golden rings of light atop a foggy, grassy hill. This is a photograph of a Brocken spectre.
Dave Croker cc-by-2.0, no modification

| Rock Inspector |

A rock inspector sees a Brocken spectre
Standing grace at the top of that hill
Part of them knows their shadow makes this beauty
But they do with that truth what they will

| Light Ahead |

Through a fog I couldn’t throw a stone past
My unpolished boots crunch gravel road
Blades of sun break blunt in the haze
They press me down to jagged earth
My shadow follows me crowned in rainbow
A ghost of color cast on my past
So with squinted eyes I chase the source
With squinted eyes I chase the light

| The Hallow Hollow |

Cold dewdrops left by a sleeping cloud
On an empty hill where no trees stand solidary
Heightless grass crowded among frigid rock
Fluttering life brought by light
The gaze of a leviathan for which we blink
It pierces the eye of a hurricane that doesn’t move
Thus something else, not above nor beneath
A coin flipping in decision to a Mother’s heart
Dark contrasted, shade haloed, grim divine
A hallow hollow, tethered by the slack strings of the real
Lay out of reach in a haze horizon always
A common characteristic of what, oh so super, is natural

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