Quickwords Vol. 23 – Hairdo

I’ve recently begun to add a few feeble bits of style to my extremely long quarantine hair. In today’s 23rd volume of Quickwords, my poetry series, here are some poems inspired by that!

A young man with glasses and a tuft of curly black hair drooped over his face, framed to partially obscure his features.
Oh, look, it’s me!

| Hairdo |

Hairdo, do you
Care who I want to
New in the mirror
Who stares at what I do?
I do.
They do?
They do.
Hairdo, I’m going to
Start changing what I do
Do you see the who?
The who who I want to
Someone who’s like two
Squeezed into one dude
Do you see who I do?
Hairdo, I do

| Tuft of Hair |

Hairdo overgrown in a year escaped from blade
Casts shadow on my face and blocks my forward view
I tie it back but it lacks the length
A thick tuft curls around and dances before my sight
Waving through the windows —
glasses I rubbed my eyes enough to need —
A tendril of black in my vision
I tuck it behind my ear
But it whispers sour everythings
At least my brother tells me I look like a ninja

| Tedium |

I wish I could live in default
Have automatic be the little things I deem to be my character
To have this face washed, body shaved, coiffure correct, nails unbitten,
manners ever well, parlance quaint, and thoughts so self-aligned
Instead I must do the rounds and trim the hair that grows back by tomorrow
With each day it becomes harder to believe my actions will change my baseline
I adapt to the tedium of aesthetic grooming
And hope the bitter matters of my mind are not nearly as repetitive

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