Quickwords Vol. 24 – Walking

Welcome to Volume 24 of Quickwords, my poetry series! I’m someone who’s particularly fond of walking, so it has only been a matter of time until I wrote some poems about the subject.

A low angle from a crosswalk looks past pedestrians’ legs towards the background, where there are cars with headlights on.
Photo by Steven Arenas

| Pacing |

Ethereal pedal I work with each step
By Rube Goldberg’s instruction I arrive at a thought
I’ve gone paces in space
I’ve gone paces in time
All this pacing I’m doing
Helps me think of this rhyme

| x steps backward |

My tangled feet walk in and on their own way
They find paths that I have loved to walk
But sometimes they think we’re in the old days
And follow those footprints traced in chalk
A mindless stride carries me back
To dead ends where a younger me dropped shovels to the ground
My eyes fall on bedrock and its small subtle cracks
No sleeping, not this way, I tug at my bootstraps and turn around

| Gait |

Autopilot mechanism brought about to undulate
Chaotic order in moving parts creates my unique gait
Default my mind and lift my legs, I continue walking straight
Except for zigzags and winding paths that might make me a little late

| foot-steps |

Countless footsteps everywhere play the drum of the Earth
A beat behind a melody I think all of us have heard
It’s in our voices, our creations, and the things we’ve brought along
Endless noise that seems discordant till you listen for a song
Echoing from the gears that turn in heads, machines, and space
Is music I feel the most when I walk from place to place

| Walking around the block |

Walking around the block
Think about a shopping list . . . a TV show . . .
Autumn leaves at my feet
Mud and puddles that muddle my path
Clouds that hide the sun I came outside to get
Neighbors I’ve never met drive by
Another lap, then I’ll go inside.

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