Quickwords Vol. 26 – Envelopes

E-mail is wonderfully efficient, but I will admit there is a special fun to receiving a physical letter. In today’s volume of Quickwords, my poetry series, here are some poems based on the theme of envelopes!

Orange leaves spill out of an open brown envelope. They are on top of a beige knitted cloth.

| Leaves and a Letter |

I left leaves and a letter
In a little brown envelope
Atop a gentle knitted cloth

I picked them in the summer
When I had the strength to frolic the forest
But autumn’s probably got them now

I didn’t think my words would be enough
So I asked the trees for help
They gave me advice and a branch to lean on

They told me to say the truth that
I still haven’t found my place
And that the heart picks its seasons

I found me when I was in bloom
But now I’m a wooden skeleton
Drifting down a river of change

| Of Ink & Stamps |

I paid the postage of a passing friend
Gave them a stamp from my sheet and a dip from my inkwell
for their quill was looking dry
It helped them catch that word on their fingertips
and make the trip to the next town

As they left I sat and opened myself up for a look inside
For I am, as all are, an envelope full of my own mail
My letter, incomplete, yet a calligraphy of many souls
Script in mixed hues tell a tentative tale
dances alongside
Postcards from old points, trinkets of a tinkered heart

I sit back and read my story so far
I wonder to whom the postage goes

| On Villopes |

It’s quite a hike up Villopes Mountain
The postal carrier often wonders why someone would buy a home there
It certainly makes it hard to deliver these letters
Who would send mail to the far face on the jagged peak?
To someone who doesn’t know flat valleys or level ground?
Hopefully one of these envelopes for the house on Villopes
Has some photos of a nicer place to live

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