Quickwords Vol. 28 – Raincoat

To my chagrin, it seems that my area won’t be receiving any spring showers this season. That still won’t stop me from thinking about the rain, though, or even just fog and clouds and all that wonderful stuff. Welcome to the twenty-eighth volume of Quickwords, my poetry series! Here are some poems inspired by the gorgeous photo below.

A distant person in dark pants and a bright yellow raincoat walks down a forest road. Pine trees loom amidst a thick fog.
Photo by Louis Vizet

| Between the Tire Tracks |

One step between the tire tracks
Withered pines piercing sole
Then again,
and again
Hallowed fog whispering cold

Yellow raincoat in silver storm
Black hair, black trousers, black trees
Dark limbs,
lattice sky
Marine chill veiled upon the green

Vanished ride since a golden star
Yet a passage left still in time
Thick ivy,
no vision
What a somber forest leaves to find

| Flutterheart |

First finch Flutterheart flies
From fabled forest famed
Frigid feelings
Felt far, felt feeble
Fallowed fields,
Faltering fauna,
Frosted flora,
Fain festive fun,
For fae frolic fro flowery fiefs

Flutterheart, flaunting fast flittering feathers
Fetches fronds, ferns, favorable fixings
Finally, fibre
Fit for fortress
Fearing famine, freezing
Fevered fickleness
Frore floods flank fawns, fish, fledglings

Flutterheart’s flight
Finds fateful figure following flat furrow
Forgotten fellow, flaxen fur
Fine, fairly fair
Fighting fiends, ferocious facades
Faint for friend, full for foe
Feigning fervor
Feet falling fathoms, felling flames

Fog forms fractured faces
Fallout forest flickers
Flutterheart flaps forth from foliage
Floating, fleeing fruition
Fractal, fallen, fearful, focused
Foraging for futile finale
Forward, fateful figure fades

| The raincoat they left me |

Living ever after, I stayed in our old cabin as it burned
I stared at the torn wallpaper we never did get fixed
Until the problem and the notes I’d taken were buried in flame
Covered in ash, I stood up in the skeleton smolders
Then walked away without a crouch, for that low doorframe was gone

I picked up the raincoat they’d left me on the grass
When they’d said, “Here, for when you can move again.”
Before paving a sidewalk to where they would be

The jacket was the yellow of a marigold
Or of the pills I’d taken in secret
I put it on — it fit just right — then turned towards the forest
An eerie fog had rolled in from the plains
All I knew was I needed to be lost

Leeches crawled up my legs in my hours through the ivy
But fell off in minutes when the blood ran out
The mist, so dense I could see raindrops frozen in time
Washing off the ash with a trail of smoke as my corpse joined the permafrost

I never expected to find a road
Littered with dead pine needles and like a hiccup of the woods
Tire tracks wide enough for me to walk between
I wiped my face clear and started down the path
Once upon a time, the clouds moved and the rain finally fell

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