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I’d love to welcome you to Quickwords, a series of themed poems touching on subjects in all aspects of life. Though I write these poems as a creative and emotional outlet for myself, they create both a history of my mental journey and an exploration of the world that I hope may one day enrich others as well.

writer’s journey

writer’s journey defines all the posts that follow my progress as both a writer and a person. As I learn the lessons of life and reflect, I aim to share them so that they may benefit others who find themselves on a similar path as myself.

Short Stories

I like writing stories! Some of them fall under series, but many of them are random one-shots that help me practice my skills and feel the intrigue of a unique narrative world. Under this category, you’ll find all of those miscellaneous works. Happy reading!

The Feeling Of

The Feeling of is a series of short stories that are meant to capture the essence of things in life that may go unseen. Things like bus rides or your heartbeat are all amazing, and I hope that these stories can show you just a bit more of their beauty.

This weird world

This weird world defines all the posts on this blog that relate to the world that we live in. Whether that’s Bob Ross, college, coronavirus, or anything else, This weird world covers it.

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