Aaron Veasna Mackenzie (called Laffeign in places where his first ever birthday gift doesn’t feel quite right) is a 17-year-old Cambodian American attending his senior year of high school in San Jose, California. He’s been writing stories since he was in 3rd grade and has a passion for writing that he’s beginning to better understand as a means of understanding and connecting with the world.

He will always happily accept Pokémon cards as a gift, is very into D&D despite having never played a full campaign, and is definitely a cat person. An absolute tree of a person, his 6’1″ self may be found lumbering around the insides of his home, because ‘rona, and occasionally engaging in conversation the pothos plant that sits atop his dresser. He’s going through some mental health stuff right now and is trying to solidify his own identity.

Aaron is currently working on projects to expand his abilities in writing and storytelling. This website will be full of his practice efforts, basically a whole lot of works — or words — in progress.