I do personally prefer to get invested in long term series/novels, but one-shot stories can be just as interesting and are a great way to hone my writing skills without spending too long on a single project. Here are some of the short stories I’ve written!

May the bridges

A series of bridges connects the dozens of cliffs around a grand, corrupt kingdom. The only way one prisoner hopes to escape the castle alive is to leave a trail of flames roaring in her wake.

The Roads We Take

Settle down and talk to the person you’re with. Both of you have come a long way to be before one another today.

The Chronicle of the Snail

As the sun begins to rise and giants emerge across the land, Frehn the snail must make the perilous journey across the Sydwok Plains to make it to the safety of Yarde Forest.


Charles and I are overworked, underappreciated, and exhausted. There’s nothing with us tonight except the emptiness in our hearts and the beauty of the nightly city.

The Bus Home

It’s been a long night. The simplicity of your bus ride home is a bit more wonderful than you’d normally realize.