I do personally prefer to get invested in long term series/novels, but one-shot stories can be just as interesting and are a great way to hone my writing skills without spending too long on a single project. Here are some of the short stories I’ve written!

May the bridges

Hope ran weak through the burning canyons on a black steed coated in congruous ash.  Flames spread in the distance behind like a trail of billowing dust, shrouds of blaze penetrated only by soaring arrows and tight-lunged soldiers. Cries of command and fear echoed through frigid air, cutting wounds into the silence like the fires … Continue reading May the bridges

The Roads We Take

It was the same sentence in countless variations, fittingly said to you by countless variations themselves: “Speak to me your tale, traveler,” stated wistfully, on the calm firmness of a calculated breath. “What’s up with you?” spoken cheerily, with an air of optimism and enviable peace. “So . . tell me about yourself,” mumbled awkwardly, … Continue reading The Roads We Take

The Chronicle of the Snail

The years came in fours, and snails marked their age by the heat years in which all new snails were born. During such years, snails both young and old lived in shelter while fiery light burned the land. Wither years followed, where death crept upon plants and warned the snails to eat before their slumber … Continue reading The Chronicle of the Snail


I knew what was inside of the cup in my hand.  I knew what it was, but my puffed, bloodshot eyes stared at it in the darkness and saw only pitch black poison, a settled pool of toxic ichor spilled from the blighted veins of the vultures I worked for. Still I lifted a tired … Continue reading Slowfall

The Feeling of the Moon

Time seemed to go so fast in the past few days. It is the struggle of monotony, the struggle of apathy; and the woe of the sedative self defense. In the past few weeks, you’ve developed this universal indifference to protect yourself from the pain of what life currently is. And life . . . … Continue reading The Feeling of the Moon

The Feeling of Stargazing

When your eyes are blurred with tears, it almost seems like the stars in the quiet night sky aren’t as alone. You don’t come here often, and to say “here” might make it sound like this place is somewhere special, like it’s some mystical cove tangled within the convoluted wooden ranks of a wild, untamed … Continue reading The Feeling of Stargazing

The Feeling of a Bus Ride

In the time that you’ve spent sitting alone on this rough, cold, dimly lit bench, your tired mind has grown to subtly ignore the ambient and frequent sounds of cars skidding across the gravelly, damp asphalt on the street before you. The hum of the fluorescent bulbs in a four-month-old movie advertisement is but another … Continue reading The Feeling of a Bus Ride