May the bridges

A series of bridges connects the dozens of cliffs around a grand, corrupt kingdom. The only way one prisoner hopes to escape the castle alive is to leave a trail of flames roaring in her wake.

The Roads We Take

Settle down and talk to the person you’re with. Both of you have come a long way to be before one another today.


Charles and I are overworked, underappreciated, and exhausted. There’s nothing with us tonight except the emptiness in our hearts and the beauty of the nightly city.

The Bus Home

It’s been a long night. The simplicity of your bus ride home is a bit more wonderful than you’d normally realize.


Quickwords is my very own poetry series! Each volume has about two or three poems loosely or closely related to that volume’s theme.

I aim to write a total of 100 volumes, and I’d love your company as I progress towards that goal. Happy reading!


“Journey” is a poem that you might get a chance to see if you’re ever walking around Downtown San Jose.

Submitted to the City of San Jose’s Litter-ature public art program, “Journey” now decorates dozens of trash cans around the city.

I definitely haven’t found all of them, so if you do, let me know.

Unattainable, Pursued

This one’s probably a bit harder to find.

“Unattainable, Pursued” rests proudly among a wide assortment of youth poetry work in Futures, the 2018 Student Poetry Collection by The America Library of Poetry.